The goal of great leadership is to lead your team, as a team, to accomplish extraordinary results, far faster than they would have without your leadership, (Otherwise, why have a leader?). Accomplishing the extraordinary requires effort far above the normal effort required to merely keep one’s job. The measure of an extraordinary leader is their ability to entice the greatest discretionary effort from each team member.

In this episode, Eric discusses going from a very diligent farm boy and football player growing up to getting frustrated with college and deciding he was going to work to become a Navy Seal. Sure enough, he did it and became apart of an elite Navy Seal team even why being married and eventually having four children. Listen to Eric discuss life's transitions from farm to war and back to home.

People don’t quit companies, they quit bad bosses. The inverse is also true. People will provide exceptional discretionary effort for leaders and teammates they care about precisely because they know that they are cared about by their leader and their team. It is the leader’s responsibility to ensure all team relationships improve and deepen.

Amy discusses the issues she has experienced in the work place as a woman as well as the things she has loved about working at DaVita. We get an inside look into the ideas that go on in the brain of someone that isn't paralyzed by metrics and is catalyzed by effective teams and momentum. She says frequently to always bring your "hands, heart and head." Amy is a leader that runs teams, trains leaders and brings people together effectively with love and not fear.

February 18, 2019

Ep 24: Meet Amy Young

Listen to Amy discuss her "Growth Mindset" and her predisposition to confidence. Growing up, Amy was a polymath and learned how to do everything her brothers did. Later in life she eventually found her niche through jobs her peers didn't have and that led her to the amazing work she has done at DaVita Clinical Research since!

Amy Young also talks about her experience being a Heart of Leaders Program Explorer. You too can become an explorer, and even meet Amy Young in person, visit for more information or contact Rick Barrera.

When you are stripped of tools and resources, the ultimate determiner of team results will be the daily behaviors of the team members. Acceptable and non-acceptable team behaviors should be spelled out clearly by the team and agreed upon by all team members. When the right behaviors are in place, tools and resources become powerful multipliers for success.

Follow various projects that FirstBank CEO, Jim Reuter, funds and builds in his spare time. We get to follow the story of the development of Zelle, the struggles of changing a business, evolving a company technologically, and his time in the Heart of Leaders Program. Jim is also the first graduate of the Heart of Leaders Program and talks about the walls that Rick broke down with him.

January 22, 2019

Ep 21: Meet Jim Reuter

Listen to Jim Reuter's journey climbing up the FirstBank ladder through philanthropic mindset. As CEO of the 'Largest Philanthropic Bank' in Colorado, he is the man that developed the slogan "Banking for Good." You get to hear the stories of him loving every job he had from the floor of FirstBank to the HQ. Jim's roots started on a farm with his brothers and father, and it was there he complained about the snow- so he got a job with FirstBank in California to get away from brutal Midwest winters. Now Jim is a proud Coloradan and family man with two sons and two grandchildren.

For any team to understand their progress toward the Daring Destination, they must know and understand the metrics that matter and have a clear view of those metrics at all times to enable mid-course corrections to the Daring Destination.

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